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After losing her mother, grandmother and great aunt to breast cancer by the age of 16, Allyn Rose made it her mission to educate herself and others on how to prevent breast cancer. Prior to undergoing a prophylactic double mastectomy at 26, she struggled to find a comprehensive information source that would help her navigate this complicated and challenging process. After receiving international media attention for her decision to undergo a mastectomy in her 20s, she spent years of collecting data, resources and referrals from women who have undergone the same procedure. The Previvor was born. Allyn’s dream was to provide information to women in order to empower them to be their own advocates and make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

Allyn’s Mastectomy Details:
Bilateral, Nipple Sparing, 2-Stage Mastectomy with Natrelle Tissue Expanders followed by subpectoral Natrelle Inspira SRF (Full Profile) 485CC Round Silicone Breast Implants and additional (minor) fat grafting
Performed by Breast Surgeon Dr. Eleni Tousimis of Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, D.C. and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Venturi of National Center for Plastic Surgeon, McLean, Virginia USA

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The Previvor Foundation is a team of previvors, survivors, caretakers, business owners and physicians, dedicated to providing you with comprehensive information regarding your choices for mastectomy and reconstruction, genetic testing, as well as provide access to the essential items needed for a smooth recovery.

To provide a global information hub for previvors, survivors, caretakers and their families as they navigate their breast health decisions.

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